Staying open to seeing more

Last Summer I switched my bedroom to a different room in the house. During the first few mornings waking up in the new room, I was happy to notice through the window the new view of a beautiful tree planted on our neighbor’s backyard. Its leaves lit by with golden morning sun rays and gently dancing with each burst of wind.

It's been joyful to have this new morning routine of looking out the window and visit with this new tree friend. Through the months getting to know its changes with the seasons.

One recent morning…

Wise Discomfort

When you are in discomfort...

   ...doubting yourself

   ...fearing outcomes

   ...questioning if you actually can

Don’t distract yourself away from feeling the fear, the anger, the sadness, the anxiety.

Instead, slow down.

Let yourself experience what is coming up.

Offer it your loving attention.

Observe your breath, journal, talk to a trusted one - however you can, invite yourself to unravel what your wise discomfort is trying to tell you.