Helping you thrive through transitions in life and work.


Bravely and kindly transform the challenges of transitions into sources of learning, possibility and growth.


Bravely and kindly gain insight into yourself - your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, values, vision and strengths - and take bold action towards a direction that is meaningful for you.

I'll help you build your capacity to adapt and transform and develop essential soft skills that will help you thrive through transitions: increase self-awareness, psychological flexibility, motivation, communication., etc.

You will uncover what ways of being in the world are most fulfilling to you, and what practices nourish you and raise your level of functioning and well-being.

For over 6 years, I have worked with adults navigating a variety of challenges that tend to exacerbate in times of transitions, including:

  • women's issues

  • depression and anxiety

  • communication struggles

  • work / family management

  • dating / relationships / divorce

  • career concerns / advancement

  • acculturation challenges, cultural adjustment, college adjustment

  • self-esteem, self-compassion, confidence or self-image difficulties

  • individuals who may not be experiencing significant challenge, but who want to learn more about themselves to improve their life

We can work together one-on-one with psychotherapy or coaching in person or virtually, or you can join the Women’s Group.

I would love to hear about the transition you are currently navigating and explore what's possible for you. Schedule a Free Phone Consult or get to know the services more. 

With gratitude, 






This personal work is hard to do on your own. Having a guide as insightful, supportive, and invested as Michelle has made all the difference.

- Social Worker, Providence, RI