Experiential workshops designed to strengthen your emotional resilience through an intentional blend of yoga, mindfulness and compassion practices.


A seasonal workshop blending wellness practices and moving you toward greater vitality, as you PAUSE to extract lessons from the season that is ending and clarify intentions for the season ahead. Learn more.

Move into Kindness

A workshop to strengthen your self-compassion. Next workshop is September 19th 2019, part of the Women’s Empowerment Series at Brave Daughter’s Studio in Providence, RI. Learn more.

Yoga with Self-compassion

Delicious yoga blended with self-compassion practices at Squam Art Retreat Spring 2019.


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Movement is something that I’ve loved since I can remember, from competitive swimming during my childhood in Venezuela to running track through high school and college.

In my early twenties, I found myself in a corporate job that distanced me from movement and taught me what it is like to live mostly in my head and disconnected from my body.

Overly tight from running, I ventured to a yoga class hoping to gain enough flexibility to touch my fingertips to my toes. Since, yoga continues to guide me back into my body.

I completed a yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea in 2009 and have been teaching since. Always a curious and dedicated lifelong learner, I have trained and continue to train in various contemplative traditions. 

It’s been more than a decade since my first yoga class and I still catch myself randomly hugging and kissing my mat in gratitude for its good company.


MY DELIVERY is lighthearted and playful yet focused on articulate alignment cues, encouraging smiles by adding in a pinch of humor for good taste, and oftentimes posing the question: How can you nurture yourself in this moment?

THEMES blend concepts from positive psychology, mindfulness practices, self-compassion, and from my love of Brene Brown's work. 

MOVEMENT SEQUENCES draw from the mindful flow of vinyasa, the alignment-focus of Iyengar and the calming nature of restorative. I design progressive sequences that promote strength and openness – of body and mind – and that encourage the cultivation of a contemplative mind. 

THE EXPERIENCE is enhanced with an intentional use of world rhythms and periods of silence to serve as an inspirational backdrop.  My teaching “style” is focused on helping students approach themselves with more kindness.


  • You'll be met where you are

  • You'll feel inspired to play at the edges of your comfort zone

  • You'll be invited to approach the process with curiosity and playfulness

  • You'll be challenged to try on new patterns (physical and mental)

  • You'll have the opportunity to offer yourself a whole lot of kindness


carefully crafted right on the mat



Asanaglyphs©, inspired by Jago Yoga, are used to create visual maps of evolving movement sequences and themes. 


Yoga sequencing is influenced by the alignment-focused work of Mark Stephen and embodiment work of Bo Forbes.


Inspirational themes related to compassion, mindfulness and stress resilience are approached with curiosity and playfulness. 


Workshops are infused with creative mediums, such as reflective journaling.


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