building your team’s compassion skills


Potential topics:

  • Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Skills

  • Compassion Skills for Workplace Wellness

  • Compassion skills for Inclusive People Management and Leadership

Your team will feel grounded, inspired and equipped with practical and valuable tools. 




"We had a workshop at our office last Friday. We could not be happier with the information, exercises, and practices we received in our workshop! Thank you so much Michelle! The team did a lot of sharing and connecting. I am so thankful for you guiding us today."

- Nicole, Executive Director, Family Behavior Solutions, INC





I'm available for workshops, panels, interviews, and podcasts. I would love to collaborate! 




Social Enterprise Greenhouse | Providence, RI

Family Behavior Solutions, INC  | Providence, RI

Rhode Island Courts | Providence, RI

The Providence Center | Providence, RI

The MET High School | Providence, RI

Raffa Yoga | Cranston, RI

Down Under Yoga | Boston, MA

Watertown School District | Boston, MA

Sociedad Latina | Boston, MA