It’s about equipping YOU to lead your own transformation.


Bravely and kindly gain insight into yourself - your thoughts, feelings and behaviors - and take bold action towards a direction that is meaningful for you.

As your compassionate companion, I'll help you build your capacity to adapt and transform and develop essential soft skills: increase self-awareness, psychological flexibility, motivation, communication, clarity of vision, values, and strengths. You will uncover what ways of being in the world are most fulfilling to you, and what practices nourish you and raise your level of functioning and well-being.

For over 6 years, I have worked with adults navigating a variety of challenges including:

  • women's issues

  • depression and anxiety

  • communication struggles

  • work / family management
  • dating / relationships / divorce

  • career concerns / advancement

  • acculturation challenges, cultural adjustment, college adjustment

  • self-esteem, self-compassion, confidence or self-image difficulties

  • individuals who may not be experiencing significant challenge, but who want to learn more about themselves to improve their life

My practice includes  people navigating transitions, who feel stuck or overwhelmed, or who have a sense that something is mission and are wanting more. Some people are seeking more understanding about how their past affects their present, wanting to improve unhealthy patterns, or wanting to improve their functioning in roles that are meaningful to them, in both life and work.

The mission: To equip you with the inspiration, tools and community to bravely and kindly transform the challenges of transitions into sources of learning, possibility and growth.

Beyond one-one-one work, this practice also offers groups. It is my hope that through groups we come together and form local, supportive, courage and resilience building gatherings, helping each other rise strong from the inevitable storms of change.


Not sure which service is best for you?





Get clear on what you care about - your why and your values. 


Maximize your gifts and talents.  Our work together will be a catalyst for positive change in your life.


We will create an atmosphere based on dignity, inclusiveness, and self-awareness, focused on individual healing and wellness for all.


We will enhance our conversations, using the body and the breath to restore emotional balance and strengthen your inner resources.


I see myself as a compassionate companion working in collaboration with you, we operate as equals in the relationship -- on-going interaction and feedback will improve our work together along the way.


We will emphasize taking good care of yourself. Because raising your level of functioning and well-being - is the best contribution you can make to the world: Self-care fuels sustainable world-care.