A seasonal workshop weaving together practices for well-being, moving you toward greater vitality. You’ll PAUSE to extract lessons from the season that is ending and clarify your intentions for the season ahead.


Mindfulness + Compassion

Mindfulness and compassion practices are weaved throughout the workshop to cultivate loving attention and intention. 


We'll get into our bodies to help gain deeper clarity as to what we need and what we want.


We'll use a powerful set of questions to look back at the season behind us and extract the valuable lessons it has gifted us


We'll fill out a beautiful one-page seasonal manifesto where you'll declare your intentions for the season ahead. You'll take this home and keep it visible throughout the season to help you stay calm and focussed on your intentions.


 Walk away feeling refreshed, inspired and with a clear intentions on how you’ll nurture your wellness in the season ahead.


Stay tuned for the launch of PAUSE in 2020.