I love working with people who are standing at a crossroads, helping them transform the challenges of transitions into sources of learning, possibility and growth. Navigating transitions has been a constant part of my journey -- immigrating to the United States, career changes, living in 7 cities in 4 countries. This private practice is dedicated to cultivating the supportive and inspirational community I wish for during times of change in my own life.

Deeply influenced by my interest in contemplative practices, I've been teaching yoga since 2009 and mindfulness and compassion practices since 2014. As an extension of my compassion work, I take short dips into workspaces a few times a year as a leadership and diversity and inclusion consultant with The Equality Works Group.

Born and raised in Venezuela, I am bilingual (English and Spanish) and bicultural. Currently living in Rhode Island for most of the year, while also spending a healthy dose of time exploring elsewhere.

I believe movement and creativity are medicine; my current favorite mediums are dancing, yoga, visual journaling and plant-based baking.


My skills and experience are like a venn diagram overlap of psychology and business skills, with an underlaying interest in contemplative studies.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor | Licenses: RI MHC00854, PA PC009400

  • National Certified Counselor | National Board for Certified Counselors

  • Masters in Education with specialization in Multicultural Counseling Psychology | University of Pennsylvania

  • Bachelor in Business Administration | Babson College

  • Fulbright Scholar | Universidad del Desarrollo | Santiago de Chile

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher | Yoga Alliance

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) | UMASS Medical School

  • Currently learning from Bo Forbes and David Stern.

Stay in touch with what I’m learning via my CARTAS.