Y O G A + T A L K

A support group for women’s emotional wellness.






Emerge from this group journey feeling more connected to yourself, more connected to others, and with a greater sense of inner resilience - calmness, compassion and courage.



Engage in two layers of experiential learning:

+ Layer 1: Nourish connection to yourself

Learn practices to restore and nourish a sense of calm and rest in your body with restorative yoga postures and mindful self-compassion guided practices.

+ Layer 2: Nourish connection to others

Engage in supportive and insightful dialog to help you process through current challenges, and give voice to your inner world with more clarity and assertiveness.




+ Intake assessment

Before you join the group, we’ll meet in-person for a one-time, 60-minute, one-on-one session to clarify your personal values and your goals for the group.

+ Weekly in-person group meetings (2 hrs)

In-person group meetings will be SPA-like experiences and deeply supportive and connective.



Welcome your attention into your body, in preparation for embodied conversation.


Connect to your emotional experience as you share and listen to others. Topics might include: quieting your inner critic, nurturing your compassionate self, shame resilience, and more.


A few restorative postures with a guided mindful self-compassion practice to soothe your nervous system and encourage a sense of deep calm and rest.


+ Monthly individual session (30 mins)

Once per month we’ll meet for a one-on-one video session to check-in with your progress in the group (what’s working, what’s challenging) and strategize together to help ensure you are getting the most out of this group.

+ Resources to enrich your learning

Beyond our in-person meetings and one-on-one session, each month you’ll receive tools to enrich your personal exploration and help you integrate practices for emotional well-being into your everyday:

  • Journal prompts to connect deeper with yourself

  • Recorded video and audio guided practices to enrich your home practice

  • Monthly creative homework to encourage your creative self-expression and deeper exploration



What will I gain as a participant?

Working in groups is powerful. The interplay between and among participants creates exponential possibilities. Groups are a challenging, creative activity that invite you to learn about, and develop who you are — in relation to others.

  • This group will serve as a supportive practice space.

  • You'll improve: self-awareness, self-compassion, communication skills, relational skills, assertiveness, and healthy boundary setting.

  • You'll strengthen relational skills that will help you experience greater mindfulness, compassion, connection, courage and joy in relationships - with yourself and others.

  • You'll integrate essential skills for emotional and stress resilience.

Who is this group for?

This group is a rich growth opportunity particularly for women who...

  • are talented, driven women who are struggling with stress and/or self-doubt

  • are navigating change - in relationships, work, environment or emotional health

  • seek to participate in a rich rich process of self-discovery and growth, alongside an inspiring and supportive cohort

When and where?

  • Cohort journeys together for ten-week cycles: the Fall cohort runs September to December, and the Spring cohort runs February to May.

  • Meets weekly on Tuesdays 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

  • Meets at The Nest Meditation Studio, 545 S Water St, Providence, RI

  • Group is intergenerational, members are adult women 21+, maximum group size is 8

  • $80 per week




Currently accepting applications. 






No prior yoga experience or group experience necessary.

All body types and self-identified women are welcome.