Wise Discomfort

When you are in discomfort...

   ...doubting yourself

   ...fearing outcomes

   ...questioning if you actually can

Don’t distract yourself away from feeling the fear, the anger, the sadness, the anxiety.

Instead, slow down.

Let yourself experience what is coming up.

Offer it your loving attention.

Observe your breath, journal, talk to a trusted one - however you can, invite yourself to unravel what your wise discomfort is trying to tell you.

Learnings from a Wisdom Share

I want to live in a kinder world. A world where people are connecting with greater understanding. I believe one big way we create a kinder world is with gatherings - getting together, connecting, and helping each other.

Right now, in my life, I’m really interested in joining and even facilitating gatherings. Searching online for community building efforts around the globe, I found a particular kind of event that caught my attention -  wisdom shares. These gatherings are about getting together in intimate groups to share each other’s wisdom.

I loved the idea and wanting to attend one right here in Providence, I put up an event page, invited a few people, and hosted the first, local Wisdom Share.