Staying open to seeing more

Last Summer I switched my bedroom to a different room in the house. During the first few mornings waking up in the new room, I was happy to notice through the window the new view of a beautiful tree planted on our neighbor’s backyard. Its leaves lit by with golden morning sun rays and gently dancing with each burst of wind.

It's been joyful to have this new morning routine of looking out the window and visit with this new tree friend. Through the months getting to know its changes with the seasons.

One recent morning, I found myself stuck with awe staring at this tree and being completely surprised at how suddenly the tree transformed from wintery bareness to spring fullness. I thought: “you look so much fuller and brighter this year”.

It's been a few days since that first realization and I still catch myself in awe noticing the trees fullness, its bright green, its pliability while dancing in the wind. It is as if I can see a renewed aliveness in the tree, much more vibrant than before.

I wonder, is the tree fuller this year or I am seeing more of the tree?

My relationship with this tree has deepened after many mornings of visiting through my window. Time slows down during our visits, quietly staring, noticing and learning more about its daily rhythms.

I feel that I can see this tree more fully. Fuller bloom. Radiating brighter green. Reflecting more golden sun rays. Even its wind dancing seems more playful.

I now realize that this tree friend is also a teacher. Slowly, visit by visit, It has been reminding me that through patient, consistent noticing we can open to see more, even in what feels so familiar.

Today, I give thanks to this tree for reminding me that there’s always more to see.

May I stay open to seeing more and more of its aliveness.