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So you’re curious about what a CARTA is really about?

I appreciate your curiosity.

I’ve included here the CARTA that went out early September 2019 for you to enjoy. In this CARTA I shared a very useful resource that I encourage to try out — it’s one of my favorites!

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Hello there --

Summer is my favorite season. The Summer air feels filled with permission for more calm, ease and less doing. It brings to mind Ella Fitzgerald’s song, Summertime, and the living’s easy

As the calmer vibes of Summer move out, and the busier vibes of September move in, I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that feels worried about the busyness that lies ahead.

This worried part of me is wanting some reassurance that there’ll be plenty of time for rest and self-care in the midst of the busyness. So I began to consider what kind of self-care do I need? What do I want it to look like?

Thinking about this reminded me that many moons ago, for a monthly women’s yoga group I led, we had used a reflective practice to help us clarify our intentions for the month ahead. 

I decided to track down this reflective worksheet, freshen it up a bit, and give it a try once again. 

It was just what I needed!

The worksheet walked me through questions that helped me better clarify my intentions and priorities for September. Defining my intentions made it clear what I want my self-care to look like for this month. 

I felt the tension of my worried part soften into ease.

I want to share this reflective worksheet with you, intended to help you identify or fine-tune your monthly learnings and intentions. It is my hope that this will help you feel a sense of grounding clarity about where you’re wanting to move towards this September. 

The worksheet offers a reflective process that will take you 15 to 20 minutes, outlining six questions to distill your learnings from the past month and six questions to define your intentions for the month ahead. 

To get you started right away, here’s my favorite question from the worksheet: 

In September 2019, I want to feel…

I’d love to know your answer to this. Hit reply to this email and share with me how you’re wanting to feel this month. 

And to dig a little deeper, you can dive into the full worksheet here

Here’s to our emotional wellness though little pauses like this, clarifying learnings and intentions!


Michelle Vitale
Holistic Psychotherapist

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My dear friend Elizabeth Duvivier who is a local business owner and writer residing in Providence, RI, wrote a novel and it is absolutely lovely: Stories for my Sister.


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