Gentle Spring Cleaning

We choose how we relate to what is around us.

Hello there,

Happy spring to you! 

After setting the intention to not rush out of winter, I am now gladly welcoming spring.

There are more plants and flowers around my home and I’ve begun some gentle spring cleaning. No expectation of magically transforming my spaces into picture perfect anything, but rather, allowing time to declutter here and there. Simple.

One of the toughest areas for me to declutter are my paper files. I love handwriting everything and always end up with lots of beautiful journals and tons of loose leaf papers.

The loose leaf tends to hold incomplete ideas that I write down in a whim of inspiration and then archive into folders labeled for particular projects.

I've come to accumulate many such folders of ideas that have not been fully conceived. When I stare at these folders, I notice my self-critic appears as a sense of unease in my body.

My self-critic is judging that there are too many unfinished ideas and too little action, or that some ideas that really excite me have been there, stuffed away in a folder for far too long.

Part of my spring cleaning is to lean into the unfinished ideas in these folders, sort through them, let go of anything I’m ready to release, and keep only that which feels meaningful.

I’ve been grabbing a few folders at a time and sorting through them while sitting at a coffee shop, with the comforting company of a chai latte’s warmth.

I figured that I would run into many ideas that I would be ready to toss. But that has not been the case.

I was having a really hard time letting go of most of these ideas.

The ideas, although currently tucked away in folders, might hold the key to some exciting pursuits in the future.

For now, I want them around. Just in case.

If they’re going to stay, however, I have to change my relationship to them.

Here are two things are helping me make this change: 

First, recognizing where and how I am taking action. 

I have to give myself credit for those ideas that I have taken on. I’m actually a few months away from finishing the lengthy list of requirements for the Mental Health Counseling licensure (woo hoo!). Which was once an idea in one of those folders.

I have to give myself credit for carefully choosing to create a schedule with plenty of time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life (like tea+chocolate dates with friends!).

Second, I wrote myself a permission slip.

It reads as follows:

I love to write my ideas down and keep a record of them, just for fun. Once written, I have no responsibility whatsoever to do anything at all with these ideas.

That last sentence is so liberating. 

Every time I look at the folders now, I mentally call upon my permission slip to remind my inner critic that there is nothing to judge here. 

There's an important reminder here:

We choose how we relate to what is around us. 

For those things that bring a sense of unease in our lives, if we can or want to get rid of them, awesome. If for whatever reason we want them around – or if they have to be around - we can choose to shift our relationship to them.

In the spirit of spring preparations, I invite you to join us THIS FRIDAY April 1st for the perfect (and good for you!) girls night out, a.k.a. the Women’s Yoga Group.

We’ll yoga a little, reflect, journal, and set intentions for a happy April. Plus, you’ll create your very own one-page April Manifesto to display around your home for motivation all month long.

Hope to see you Friday!

With kindness,