Gifting love and care

Holiday busyness can make this time of year feel like it rushes by so quickly.

One of my preferred ways to slow down and savor the moment is to make things that I can gift.

My favorite homemade gift is by far Granola.


Why granola?

First, there’s the joy of making it. Granola is easy and fun to make and it makes your whole house smell amazing.

I truly believe that if you make something with the intention of sharing love and care then you are infusing love and care right into what you make.

So when I prepare this granola to gift, I put on music I love and I savor the process of making it as much as I can. I sing along to the music. I smile. I image how delicious this granola will turn out and how my loved ones who will receive it as a gift will feel loved and cared for as they enjoy their granola.

Now, I’m not exaggerating here. I really believe this granola I’m gifting is magical stuff - intentionally infused with so much love and care.

Second, there’s the joy of gifting it. To make it look fancy and beautiful, I place the granola in glass jars (I keep glass jars throughout the year for this purpose), and decorate the jar (a simple ribbon will do).

It is sure to make the gift recipient smile.

Receiving delicious, homemade granola is such a sweet thing. You didn’t just go out there and quickly buy something. Oh no. You spend time preparing the granola and making it look pretty, just for those special ones in your life. Recipients know this and it makes them feel extra appreciated.

I’m also going to make DIY beauty products. Of course, these goodies will be infused with love and care, too.

Want to make love+care-infused homemade gifts? Here are a few easy to make ideas.

By the way, my favorite granola recipe is right here - created by the beautiful and hyper talented chef, Sarah Britton.

Wishing you space to slow down and savor as you move through and enjoy this holiday season.

With gratitude,