The "I am safe" Practice

The other day something challenging happened at work and my immediate reaction was to blame someone. I kept thinking about who was responsible for the situation. My mind was pointing fingers nonstop. 

Later that same day, I was leafing through a book and came across the phrase: “I am safe”. 

I began to quietly repeat this phrase. I repeated it throughout the day anytime I could remember. By the evening, I felt better. My cloudy mind and the angst in my body had cleared a bit. 

The challenging situation at work had triggered a defensive reaction in me and remembering that “I am safe” gave me permission to listen, allow and soften.

This simple phrase helped me reshape my entire day: “I am safe”. 

Days after this happened, I am still struck by the experience and still reflecting on the importance of these words. 

The world out there can be hard - it can be judgmental, rushed, and demand so much from us - oftentimes challenging our sense of safety. 

It is important for us to practice feeling safe, so that in the mist of challenging situations we may find our way back to a sense of safety. 

The relief that I felt that evening after repeating the phrase “I am safe”, helped me step out of fight or flight mode and back to a place where I could think more clearly.

When we feel safe, we bring our best selves forward; it is when we are most able to think clearly and offer courage, love, compassion and care to our loved ones. 

This Sunday Vinyasa Yoga with Deep Relaxation returns from its annual Summer hiatus. 

I invite you to join us for a class dedicated to further explorations of the “I am safe” practice. 

Class runs from 5:30pm to 6:45pm at Raffa Yoga

If you’re unable to join us for class, know that simply repeating the phrase in your mind when you need it is a wonderful tool on its own.

May you feel safe.