Loving Kindness Practice for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Returning to teaching Sunday night yoga has been lovely; reconnecting to old yoga student friends and meeting new ones. 

For the past two weeks class has focussed on the “I am Safe” practice which has received quite some positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who has joined us. 

This week in class we’ll be turning our attention to a loving kindness practice - working with statements representing wishes of well being: 

May I be healthy
May I be happy
May I feel free from suffering
May I know peace

In the book Yoga for Pain Relief, Kelly McGonigal reminds us that “these statements are not positive affirmations or wishful thinking. They are acts of compassion for your body, mind and spirit.” 

I hope to see you this Sunday, 5:30pm at Raffa Yoga.  

For those of you unable to join us this Sunday, I share with you a voice recording that I’ve prepared of a loving kindness practice.

Sending you wishes of well-being. 

With gratitude,