On trusting your intuition

“Like a flower, your life can be divided into two parts: your inner world, the center of the flower, and your outer world, the petals...For the petals of your outer world to unfurl, you must first inhabit the innermost aspects of yourself—the bright and confident as well as the deflated and wounded parts.”
— Sara Avant Stover in The Way of the Happy Woman

Back in 2011 I saw this video where Sean Corn explains that we must trust our intuition in order to contribute toward healing in the world:

“What's going to help women and men to save the world is their willingness to trust their intuition. You see, spirit never misleads. Spirit will always give us exactly what we need as long as we just have the nerve to ask and to open ourselves up to that level of spiritual perspective. Intuition is not a gift, it's a skill that we develop.”

And then Sean truly touched my heart when she explained that I will never be able to celebrate another woman until I love myself:

"But if women don't feel good about themselves, they will never ever be able to celebrate or support another woman. They cannot do it, because the woman's power will threatened them. So the more we can feel good about who we are, we will celebrate and applaud another woman's success or beauty, because it'll only be a reflection of the grace that is both within and within all."

To this day, these words ring so true.

I am aware that I am often times threatened by other women, and that this is an indication of a lack of love toward myself.

When I catch myself struggling to support or celebrate another woman, I turn to the skill of self-compassion - (1) mindfully acknowledging that I feel threatened by her, because I am not trusting that the grace within her is representative of the grace that is within me and within all (2) recognizing that this experience of separation happens to all women mainly due to the way in which we were socialized, (3) and offer myself loving and kind words.

After watching the video with Sean Corn, I was left deeply inspired and confused. I understand that doing my interpersonal work so that I can trust my intuition and be more self-confident is important. But how exactly do I do the work?

Fast forward 5 years and after many books, late-night conversations, lots of journaling, a masters degree in mental health counseling, and numerous personal growth trainings and retreats, what I’ve learned is that the work is really lifelong work and the key is to trust

“It is important to recognize that you may have dismissed intuitive experiences as pure chance when they occurred. Now is the time to open your thoughts to the probability that you are far more intuitive than you ever realized.”
— Sylvia Clare in Trusting Your Intuition.

The most impactful tool - from what I’ve observed personally and professionally - is the Inner Mentor visualization provided by the Coaches Training Institute and featured in Tara Mohr's Book Playing Big.

During this month’s Women’s Yoga Group, we’ll dive into this visualization exercise.



Want to prepare for the women’s group? Here’s a simple, daily exercise to help you tap into your intuition:

Throughout the day, ask yourself: “What do You want me to do now?”

Think of the You as representing your highest self your inner guide/mentor. Start asking this question of simple things (what to wear) to eventually move into more complex things (big life decisions).

This exercise is from The Way of the Happy Woman, by Sara Avant Stover.


See you Friday!