Befriending your body

The body is wise. It is constantly signaling what it needs. But with busy lifestyles it is easy to ignore its signals, simply because that is what we are used to. 

In the book Yoga for Pain Relief, Kelly Mcgonigal offers a wonderful exercise to help rebuild the habit of listening to the body. 

In this exercise, Mcgonigal encourages us to ask our body the following questions: 

  • “Is there anything that you need more of that I can give you?”

  • “What do you need a break from?”

  • “What would nourish you best?”

  • “Is there anything I’m doing that you’d like me to do less of?”

  • “What have I been not allowing you to do that you’d like permission to do again?”

  • “Is there anything I should know?”

You can find the audio for the exercise here.

Find a comfortable space, without interruptions, and tune in. Stay open and allow the answers to surprise you. 

Befriending your body starts with tuning in and listening. 

     <3 Michelle