Yoga as creative self-care

I’m an advocate of creative self-care - creatively designing one´s practices for self-care.

What is creative self-care? 

It is the creative process of exploring, designing and implementing ways to treat ourselves with kindness. 

If we search for what makes us light up from the inside out, we uncover ways of being (practicing yoga, making art, playing music, dancing, etc) that provide us with nourishing sources of inspiration.

Through the creative process of self-care we can tap into inner resources that help us navigate even the most chaotic external circumstances. Creative self-care has helped me navigate many moments of fear and self-doubt.

YOGA as creative self-care

Yoga is part of my creative self-care. By stepping onto the safe boundaries of my mat, I create the space to slowly get to know myself better – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Yoga serves me as a refueling station that enables me to show up everyday consciously caring for myself, others and the world.

In my yoga practice, sometimes I uncover pieces of my own story that are dark. The practice helps me shift perspective so that I can welcome this unraveling as an opportunity: a chance to dust off that dark piece of my story and to polish it with a little compassion and gratitude.