Let’s create a more compassionate world, staring with ourselves.


Nurturing braver and kinder connections with ourselves and others, we amplify our creativity and our ability to make impactful contributions.


My dream is to live in a world where being brave and being kind are equally valued.

As a  student and teacher of compassion practices, I believe one big way we can create this world is through gatherings - coming together, getting to know our diverse stories, and helping each other.

In private practice, I work as a licensed holistic psychotherapist and a leadership coach focused on building courage and compassion skills.

I love working with people who are navigating times of change, helping them transform the challenges of transitions into sources of learning, possibility and growth.

Navigating change has been a constant part of my own journey -- immigrating to the United States, career changes, living in 7 cities in 4 countries.

This private practice is dedicated to cultivating the supportive and inspirational community I wish for during times of change in my own life.

Deeply influenced by my interest in contemplative practices, I've been teaching yoga since 2009 and mindfulness and compassion practices since 2014.

As an extension of my compassion work, I take short dips into workspaces a few times a year as a leadership and diversity and inclusion consultant with The Equality Works Group.

Born and raised in Venezuela, I am bilingual (English and Spanish) and bicultural, and currently live in Providence, Rhode Island.

I believe that movement and creativity are medicine and my current favorite mediums are dancing, yoga, visual journaling and plant-based baking.

This is what I'm doing now



BELIEFS that guide our work



Innate in each of us is the potential for greatness. Intuitively we seek to transform our potential into a force for good in the world. Each of us has the responsibility to raise our emotional resilience, so we may step deeper into our brilliance, engage in our communities and sustainably live in a meaningful way that contributes to making the world a better place for all.


My work is growth-minded and strengths based. I am committed to bringing you the support, tools and accountability that will help you strengthen the inner resources needed to navigate challenges, see what is possible for you, and seize opportunities. 


To bring our best forward, we need positive communities to fuel and sustain us. Communities encourage us to do the brave work we are here to do to make the world better. Lets stop worrying alone. Instead, lets engage in brave, kind and insightful conversations that inspire us and propel our growth.




Think of my skills and experience as a venn diagram overlap of psychology and business skills, with an underlaying interest in contemplative studies.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor | Licenses: RI MHC00854, PA PC009400

  • National Certified Counselor | National Board for Certified Counselors

  • Masters in Education with specialization in Multicultural Counseling Psychology | UPENN

  • Bachelor in Business Administration | Babson College

  • Fulbright Scholar | Universidad del Desarrollo | Chile

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher | Yoga Alliance

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) | UMASS Medical School



The best way to reach me is via email: hello@michellevitale.com. Because of my personal commitment to digital balance, please allow two business days for a reply.

If you are seeking psychotherapy / coaching, I would love to hear about the change you are navigating right now, and explore the possibility of working together.

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